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Marvel Legends Captain America fights Hydra in this toy photo

Every action figure fan owes Toy Biz for their original Marvel Legends line. Without them, we might still have action figures with five points of articulation. And that’s no fun, because if that were the case there’d be a lot less toy collectiors and action figure photographers! And frankly, I don’t wanna live in that world.

Today’s Marvel Legends line is run by Hasbro, and they’re putting out characters we never thought we’d see in any action figure line. Ever. I even have a 32″ Galactus on preorder from them.

Minus the waist cut (which makes the figures look like the top half was placed on the bottom half when posed) the articulation’s pretty good. And the colors pop right off your shelves and outta your Detolfs! So yeah, it’s another line that’s pretty great for toy photography.

Have fun, and happy shopping!

Mafex Wolverine sits at a computer with claws popped in this toy photo
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