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Transformers are back in my collection!

Not gonna lie: I feared getting back into them. I knew, if I got back in, this would be a rabbit hole I could never escape.

As a kid, while I really dug GI Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC toys, nothing brought my imagination to life quite like these robots in disguise. And while I’ve always kept tabs on the media surrounding the Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons, I stopped collecting the main lines over 10 years ago, and stopped Masterpiece after it went full toon accurate. Cue Tropic Thunder reference.

I was done. Because while I really dig these things, they don’t dig my wallet. Every once in a while, I’d give the TFs a glance in the toy aisle, and was good with my decision. A couple years ago, however, with Siege, I noticed they were back to looking awesome. I decided to stick it out anyway.

And then Slag (Slug) was announced for the Studio Series 86 line. Now, I don’t know about you, but I loved the Dinobots, though I only had one. And that one was Slag. Quickly, that titanic triceratops complete with temper tantrums became my favorite of the Dinobots. That’s right…Grimlock who? Come at me.

So, resigned with the knowledge I’d have to get him, the decision was made to jump back in. Head first. Because that angry Dinobot, complete with all the other ‘bots in Transformers lore, definitely have the touch. And my wallet has no power.

So dare to be stupid and keep coming back to this page to check out all the TF pics I shoot and the Photoshop I do. 

Have fun, and happy shooting!