We’re heading into the holidays, and you know what that means: It’s action figure wishlist time!

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Let’s face it: we’re basically adult children. We still hate getting clothes at the holidays, but are totally okay with getting heavily-articulated pieces of plastic crack! Of course, we call them action figures because most people don’t wanna give illegal narcotics for Christmas.

But I’m not talking about what I’m hoping to get from friends and family at the holidays. I’ve resigned myself to having clothes, candy, and a whole lotta stuff I’ll end up wanting to get rid of, but feeling bad about doing so, under the tree. No sirs and sirettes, I’m talking about what I want from our toy overlords themselves! I’m talking about Hasbro, McFarlane Toys, Jazwares, Mezco, Mattel, Neca, Mafex, and all the rest. 

And now, without further goofy and way off-topic meandering, I present to you the the top five figures I want our toy overlords to make! Because I have money. And I wanna spend it.

A readily-available GI Joe Classified Target Exclusive Cobra Trooper action figure (Hasbro)

Toypixx GI Joe Classified Cobra Island Cobra Trooper

Hasbro, I love you. Your action figure lines helped raise me into the troublesome adult you see today, but you’ve gotta make the good stuff easier to get. The Target Exclusive Cobra Trooper is a thing of beauty, but I never had a chance. The regular line release looks fine, but you nailed it outta the gate, and the new one feels second rate.

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Jim Lee action figure version of Wonder Woman (Mafex)

A Jim Lee Mafex Wonder Woman would be awesome!

Not gonna lie: I love Mafex. All I have is the Hush Batman, and I want more. I want all of DC done in the same style, but this is a list of only five – plus Mafex figures are pretty pricy – so I figured (heh heh) I’d just choose one. And that one is everyone’s favorite princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman! They did a killer job, looks-wise, on the DCEU version, and I can’t wait to see what they’d do with a comics one.

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A Star Wars Black Series Ahsoka Tano action figure from The Mandalorian (Hasbro)

Toypixx Wishlist - A Rosario Dawson Ahsoka Tano from The Mandalorian

As I’m typing this, the second season of The Mandalorian has just started, and already I know I want this action figure. Let me rephrase that: I need this figure. I got hosed out of my Walmart preorder (and live in an area that’s void of Walmarts), and there’s something not quite there for me with the Rebels version. So let me reiterate: I NEED this figure.

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A redone Star Wars Black Series Han Solo action figure from A New Hope (Hasbro)

Toypixx Wishlist - A redone Star Wars Black Series Han Solo from A New Hope

There’s no doubt The Black Series has done and redone figures ad nauseam. On one hand, it can drive completists crazy. On the other hand, those of us who aren’t completists simply want one absolutely perfect version of our favorite characters in the looks they had in our favorite movies. I ask you, fellow toy collectors, is that so wrong? And hey, it looks like Hasbro finally nailed Harrison Ford’s look, so they should probably just go ahead and remake all the subpar Han Solos out there. What?

Marvel Legends Outback Era Psylocke (Hasbro)

Toypixx Wishlist - A Marvel Legends Outback Era Psylocke

We’re getting HoX / PoX / DoX versions of some of our favorite mutants coming next year, and I’m overjoyed! I loved Hickman’s take on the X-Men, at least until I could no longer keep up with all the books. But we still need to finish out the Outback Era. We need Outback versions of Colossus, Rogue, Longshot, Havok, and Psylocke (and maybe a Gateway or Bonebreaker BAF). Rogue, Longshot, and Havok should be easy repaints, and Colossus just needs a new torso, but Betsy needs a new mold from head to toe. And my friends, that would be rad! Because ‘80s.

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Thoughts? Comments? Hilarious Jokes?

So there’s my admittedly Hasbro-heavy list of the top five figures I wanna see. But I’m sure it doesn’t match yours. So hey, let me know who you want to see in the comments.

Have fun, and happy snapping!

-Photo Dave