There’s no sugarcoating it: I’m a nerd.

And if this were a 12-step program, now would be about the time where I’d say, “I’m Photo Dave, and I’m an action figure photo nerd. But it’s a not a 12-step program. It’s a website.

What can I say? I really enjoy shooting these things. Coming up with new angles and editing tricks, using practical effects and dios from some of the toy community’s amazing artists, and just letting my inner six-year-old out to play, is a good old-fashioned good time.

Note: Yes parents, there is a toy community, and I hope you check out all the cool stuff they can do so your kids have even more fun with their own toys!

Marvel and Star Wars and G.I. Joe, Oh My!

Let’s talk figures.

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As a punk kid, I was big into comics. The X-Men, Wolverine, and Batman were definite favorites, but I read a ton. And while I’m not the comics guy I used to be, they created a genuine appreciation for the characters that the MCU brought back in a big way. As for DC characters, don’t worry – I’ll be adding them to the collection soon enough.

Star Wars will always hold a special place in my nerdy heart because it was the first franchise I was really into. And with Hasbro’s photo real tech, the figures look more like the actors who played them than ever before.

As for G.I. Joe, the 3 3/4″ line from the ’80s is arguably the greatest toyline of all time, so why wouldn’t I be grabbing the new Classified figures? Now, if they just get to Flint sooner rather than later.

So Marvel Legends, Star Wars: the Black Series, and G.I. Joe: Classified make up the the bulk of what I’ll be shooting. Aaannd let’s be honest: a whole lot more kinds of figures will end up making it into the collection, and then the pics.

Toypixx, Ahoy!

There ya have it. That’s me. So what’s this website gonna evolve into? I have no idea, just yet. But I do know it’ll all be based on figures, photos, and fun.

With a somewhat warped sense of humor thrown in for flavor.

Have fun, and happy snapping!