The Toypixx action figure collection is kind of a big deal, at least when it comes to action figure photography. Because, frankly, one needs action figures for action figure photography.

One of my favorite aspects of collecting action figures is following the A.B.C. rule: Always Be Curating. Because of that rule, I have a collection full of action figures I truly enjoy. It’ll never be the biggest action figure collection out there, but it’s one I truly enjoy.

And hey, it helps that it’s pretty photogenic.

With the preamble out of the way, keep reading to see the entire Toypixx action figure collection. And keep coming back, because A.B.C. means it’ll always be changing.

Have fun, and happy snapping!

Alley Viper (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 34)

B. A. T. (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 33)

Batman, Black (Medicom Mafex Hush)

Batman, Blue (Medicom Mafex Hush)

Beach Head (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 10)

Boba Fett (S H figuarts Star Wars, The Mandalorian)

Bumblebee (ThreeZero Transformers MDLX)

ThreeZero Transformers MDLX Bumblebee
Bumblebee might be my favorite figure to to fiddle with. He’s a cool little dude with a whole lotta attitude

Photogenic Figure Score: 7/7

Bumblebee on Amazon
Bumblebee on eBay
Transformers Photo Gallery

Catwoman (Medicom Mafex Hush)

Cobra Trooper (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 12)

Cyclops (Medicom Mafex X-Men)

Darth Vader (S H Figuarts Star Wars, ROTJ)

Destro (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 03)

Duke (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 04)

Firefly (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 21)

Flint (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 26)

Fugitoid (NECA Mirage Studios TMNT)

Threezero MDLX Bumblebee: A Magnificent Action Figure!

Fugitoid on Amazon
TMNT Photo Gallery

Gambit (Medicom Mafex X-Men)

He-Man (Mattel Masters of the Universe Origins)

Incinerator Trooper (Hasbro Star Wars Black Series)

Joker (Medicom Mafex Hush)

Lady Jaye (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 25)

Stan Lee (Hasbro Marvel Legends)

Major Bludd (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 27)

The Mndalorian, Din Djarin & Grogu (S H Figuarts)

Optimus Prime (Jada Toys 1/32 Hollywood Rides)

Psylocke (Medicom Mafex X-Men)

Roadblock (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 28)

Skeletor (Mattel Masters of the Universe Origins)

Luke Skywalker (S H Figuarts, The Mandalorian)

Snake Eyes (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 00)

Snake Eyes & Timber (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 30)

Stormtrooper (Hasbro Star Wars Black Series)

Superman (Medicom Mafex Hush)

Wolverine, Brown (Medicom Mafex X-Men)

Threezero MDLX Bumblebee: A Magnificent Action Figure!

Wolverine on Amazon
Marvel Comics Photo Gallery

Yoda (Hasbro Star Wars Black Series)

Zartan (Hasbro GI Joe Classified No. 23)

Figures Not Pictured:

Captain Ash (Lone Coconut, Plunderlings)
“Bumblebee” (Jouef Evolution Legende Serie VW Beetle 1:43 Scale)
The Child (Hasbro, Star Wars Black Series)
Berserker Spurt (Lone Coconut, Plunderlings)
Nomad Tuff (Lone Coconut, Plunderlings)

In Closing…

I love this stuff, and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2022 holds for us. Though my wallet’s excitement level is a decidedly different story. Remember to keep checking back as the collection continues to grow!

And grow. And shrink. And grow. And shri…

Have fun, and happy snapping!

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