Threezero Bumblebee, SH Figuarts Boba Fett, The Mandalorian and Grogu, and the NECA Fugitoid are pretty rad. Also, I’m finally healthy enough to get back to creating videos! Kids, make sure to go to the doctor when things aren’t right.

Anywho, in this return video, I go over quick sorta reviews of the above figures, and do so with way too much energy for someone who’s only had one cup of coffee, today.

So sit back, grab a beverage, and enjoy the ramblings of this particular toy collector.

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I’m Back w/ Fugitoid, Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, and Bumblebee!

Hello there. It is I, photo Dave. And it’s been a while since I recorded a video for the old YouTubes for the people. So I figured I’d tell you why. And then I get into a little bit of showing off what I’ve gotten recently, which isn’t a lot. 2022’s been a kind of a light year lately, but I’ll show off what I’ve got. Cuz I do have some good stuff.

But first, if you’re new to the website, Toypixx is all about action figure photography. So I’ll talk quite a bit here about action figures, about photo equipment, about what’s kind of going on in the action figure industry, the consumer, what we’re all thinking, or at least what I’m seeing online about what people are thinking. My thoughts, all that good stuff from time to time, fire off a little bit of news. Tomorrow, for instance, there’s a GI Joe panel going on and I’m pretty excited about that.

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First Things First, Where Have I Been?

Why have I not been recording, or on the website? Well, I’ll tell you.

Here’s the deal: for months. I was really low on energy and I’m not really that guy. I like to exercise. I like to sprint, lift weights. That kind of stuff.

I’m an energetic dude. I like to be out and about doing things and having fun. And I realized, “Wow, my energy’s really getting low,” and I couldn’t come up with any reason for why that was happening. So I started going to the doctor to try and figure out what’s going on. And after months, these poor people, they did a whole lot of investigating after months. They figured out what was going on and gave me an antibiotic. And within a few days I was good to go. So I’ve been able to kind of catch back up, and get my exercise in.

If you’ll notice, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, that is, you’ll notice that the pictures are getting a little more detailed. I’m putting a little more stuff out there. There’s less pictures that have just a black background because frankly, I didn’t have the energy to set up anything better.

So that’s, what’s up. That’s where I was. I was trying to figure out that. Like I said, I still posted all the pictures, but man, video recording, having all this energy, even all the ones I’ve recorded around December, January, and all that, I didn’t have near the energy I have now.

So there you go. That’s it. Now on to the figures. Cause that’s the fun part, right? Right.

NECA Mirage Studios TMNT Fugitoid

Fugitoid NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Studios
First off folks, we have Professor Honeycut, the Fugitoid. Now, I’m gonna just go ahead and say something that I don’t want anybody to take a shot at or be upset about or anything like that. This is my first official NECA figure. And this is a figure that will not be in top 10 contention this year. But what I like about him: he’s got the bendy wire in here. What I really like about him though, forget the bendy wire, forget anything else. Just the fact that NECA is coming back with their Mirage Studios, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has me super excited. So I had to get Fugitoid. I’m excited to have him just because of what he represents. And let’s be honest: for me, I don’t know about the rest of ya, I know they announced Archie comics figures as well. And I think those are all right, but I’ve been reading the IDW run and would love it if NECA did IDW figures, especially a Slash. Come on, NECA, give us the IDW Slash! That thing is a work of art. Okay. Let’s move on to the next figure. Next up, we have the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy at the least fearsome time of his life. NECA Fugitoid on Amazon

S H Figuarts The Mandalorian Boba Fett

Boba Fett Star Wars S H Figuarts from The Mandalorian

I’m gonna be honest: I love this figure.

This is the Boba Fett from The Mandalorian, from S H Figuarts. And I think he is possibly in top 10 contention. I don’t know yet. It’s gonna be a while. I need to see what else I’m gonna get this year. I’ve got plenty on pre-orders that are probably gonna fight for top 10. So it’s gonna be a stiff competition.

But what I dig about this guy is the cloth, even though it’s inaccurate. I would prefe if it were the sash, but I think this is still a really great representation of the guy. I do have to say one thing that I didn’t enjoy was getting the head sculpt that has the cross-eyed deal. Fortunately, when you’re displaying Boba Fett, at least for me, you display him with a helmet on. But I was still disappointed because one of the reasons I was really a big fan of this figure is because I thought this Temuera Morrison head sculpt was going to easily be the best one out there.

So, there’s a little disappointment there, slight disappointment with the sash. But he comes with a ton of hand options, some blast effects that you can attach on his rocket pack, and a couple rockets.

I’m not gonna talke about him too much. I’m not gonna get too in detail about him, in depth as it were, because this isn’t really a review site. Let’s face it. I’m a photography guy. And this dude under the lights just looks good in pictures.

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S H Figuarts Mandalorian (Din Djarin)

S H Figuarts The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) and Grogu

Now we have arguably the two most popular Star Wars characters since Disney took over the license: The Mandalorian and Grogu. These are also S H Figuarts figures.

I, uh, I don’t think Grogu needs a whole lot of work done to him, and don’t think you’re ever gonna get a Grogu that’s super highly articulated. But I think this is just enough articulation for the little guy. And hey, he’s just adorable. You gotta love the Grogu.

Then, of course, you’ve got Mando. Now the S F Figuarts Mandalorian has been met with disappointment by many. What I dig about him is how articulated he is and how shiny he is. Now there are things I’ve had to do to him to make him a figure that I really enjoy. I mean, I really enjoy this figure, but there are concessions I’ve had to make.

I have never attached his rifle to his back, for instance, because in every review I’ve seen that just looks like way too much of a pain. I barely use the spear. I have attached it to the belt, but it’s kind of hard to make work. It’s sort of a hard plastic and the piece that attaches it is also a hard plastic. So you gotta hit them both with a little bit of heat to try and make ’em work. But then, when I do that, the spear just slides all over the place. It’s not like it really stays put, so that’s a pain. The blue knee pad falls off. I’ve had a piece on his right forearm just fall off. I’ve had the pauldron on his right shoulder fall off. So yeah, he’s a pain.

I also got a John Walker Customs neck peg so his head can sit a little higher.

But I think he looks incredible. I think to get him there, he’s a pain to work with and you have to allow yourself the fact that, going forward, he doesn’t have the spear or the rifle on the show; the spear was melted into chain mail for Grogu, and the rifle was blown up with the Razor Crest; so we don’t have to use those. And that makes the accessories not really matter. Right? So there are concessions I’ve had to make for Mando.

That said, this is a beautiful figure. I love photographing this guy. And as much as I dig Boba, I actually like Din Djarin quite a bit more. So your mileage may vary on this one. This one’s kind of divisive, but at least for me, he leans definitely in the positive. Not a top 10 because all the concessions I have to make, not a contender, but he is really one of my favorite figures right now.

Which is just messed up.

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Threezero MDLX Bumblebee

Transformers ThreeZero MDLX Bumblebee

And now the final figure that I’ve gotten in the time been away is the Threezero Transformers MDLX (because who doesn’t like a lot of letters) Bumblebee!

Now this figure, right now, is in contention to be my figure of the year. Yep. Definitely. Definitely in contention. Now, if you’ve been paying attention to my stuff for a long time, you know I dig MAFEX figures. And those things, even when you shop for them overseas (you get them a little cheaper there), are $80 – $100. This Bumblebee was $60 flat (plus shipping obviously), but $60 for this thing compared to a MAFEX is nuts! Now the MAFEX usually comes with more stuff. This bumblebee came with another head, three pairs of hands, and his gun. Pretty good stuff. Pretty good deal I’d say for $60. And forget that he is so well articulated. It’s insane. The articulation’s tight, but not restrictive.

Bumblebee’s the first ThreeZero figure I’ve ever gotten, and it is just phenomenal. I’ve never handled a figure like this. It’s just really cool. And it’s an action figure I think you owe it to yourself to check out. Yeah, you owe it to yourself to check out the Transformers MDL X line. So far, they’ve only released bumblebee, but Prime is available for pre-order all over the place. I’ve got him on pre-order because you can’t have Transformers without Optimus Prime.

Bumblebee is just awesome, and right now, of the four figures I’ve gotten in 2022, Bumblebee is my figure of the year! Yeah, good times. But anywho, get Bumblebee! Trust me. This thing is ridiculous. Of course, if you’re not a Transformers, nerd, maybe don’t get him. But if you’re not a Transformers nerd, let’s face it. You’re doing something wrong with your life.

Transformers ThreeZero MDLX Bumblebee on Amazon

Finally! The End

That’s all I’ve got for this one, gang. So, as usual: have fun, and happy snapping!

-Photo Dave

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